What is the latest on RKE "787" pistons ? --- we have continued to develop this line of piston, rings, lightweight wrist pins and circlips. We have expanded the sizes and the performance is outstanding. The pistons have been very successful: fastest Sportsman at the WKA Canadian Nationals, Winner (and fast time) at the IKF Holiday Classic and most poles in "Formula Y". They also won the most poles and races in "Formula Y" at the W.K.A. Constructors Cup Championship series. Coated pistons are available at extra cost.

RKE "787" pistons

New sizes: 52.02, 52.07, 52.12 52.85 Plus all standard sizes (21 sizes in all)

No chamfer at top. New cam grind for more HP, proven after 2 years of testing both here and overseas.

Pistons, rings, lightweight pins, circlips now available separately. New pricing structure. New packaging (just like OEM). Made in Japan by OEM manufacturer.

Yamaha KT100 Pistons and Components

Complete kit: Piston, rings, lightweight wristpin, circlips.

Retail: $64.99 Racer Net: $58.49

Piston only:

Retail: $35.00 Racer Net: $31.50

Ring only:

Retail: $17.50 Racer Net: $15.75

Wristpin, lightweight:

Retail: $10.49 Racer Net: $9.44

Circlip, 1mm Tangless:

Retail: $2.00 Racer Net: $1.00

Prices subject to change without notice

New Products

KT100 Crank pin plugs: New style, plated, excellent quality $2.95 RN

Thompson big end bearings for top-end located KT100 engines, these are the good ones with the deluxe cage design $21.95 RN

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