The Arrow AX9 is the latest creation from Drew Price Engineering of Australia. It incorporates several new features designed to improve performance and lower lap times. Click below to check out the specs. on each kart model.

AX9 125 - Arrow's 125cc Shifter Kart
AX9 B-Max - Arrow's Kart for Junior, Yamaha, HPV, TAG, & Rotax Max classes
AX9 CIK - Arrow's CIK/FIA homologated kart

The Arrow AX8

AX8 125 - 2005 Arrow 125cc Shifter Kart
AX8 A-Max - 2005 Arrow kart for Rotax and TAG classes
AX8 30/32
AX8 28/30
AX8 Junior
AX8 Cadet

Arrow Kart Setup and Technical Information

2007 Arrow Owners Manual

Arrow Setup Guide

Starting Setup and Seat Position Guides
2005 AX8 125
2004 AX8 125
2004 AX8 80
AX8 30/32
AX8 Junior
AX8 Cadet

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